Carolyn & Jed

These two are sooooo much fun!  Love these!

IMG_3118.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_3044.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_3060.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_3134.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_3152.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_3799.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_3500.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_4255.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_4342.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_4365.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_4370.jpg picture by erinrb4

7 Responses to “Carolyn & Jed”

  1. Renne says:

    Seriously some of your best work to date. Creative, fun, soft and the sunset pictures are spectacular.

  2. Aunt Nansi says:

    A beautiful couple photographed exquisitely! First time I’ve seen Jed without a ball cap! Handsome man, beautiful bride-to-be! Can’t wait to see you in June! Much love xox

  3. carolyn says:

    Thank you soo much Erin! we love, love, love ALL of these picts. and had so much fun taking them! you are the best! thanks again:)

  4. Jenna says:

    I LOVE thes pictures.. They look so beautiful just like the couple. The sunset photo with the heart is awesome. Carolyn & Jed I am so happy for tou two.

  5. Maggie Cuneo says:

    These are so cute and creative! love the sunset silhouette ideas! great photography and gorgeous couple!

  6. Tracy Young says:

    Erin, you hit a grand slam once again! These are awesome! I love the sunset shot where they made a heart with their arms! Awesome!

  7. Dana says:

    Erin I love love love the last one. Super cute!

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