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Married: Melody & Ronny

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Beautiful Tiburon Wedding! Melody has an amazing gift for details.   Everything was incredible from the Church, to the Ice Cream Bar to the Salsa Dancing!  It was wonderful to be a part of this day!

Ceremony Dress:  J.Crew        Reception Dres:  BCBG       

Bridesmaids Dresses:  J. Crew

Shoes:  Ciao Bella

Makeup:  Candace Miser

Hair:  Katrina Martarano

Flowers:  Kathy Larson

Ceremony:  Old St. Hilary’s, Tiburon, CA

Reception:  St. Stephens

Catering:  Phil Harvey

Cupcakes:  Kelsey Larson


IMG_9189.jpg picture by erinrb4 Untitled-199.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9002.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_8918.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_8889.jpg picture by erinrb4Untitled-10.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9029.jpg picture by erinrb4 Untitled-2-9.jpg picture by erinrb4   Untitled-155.jpg picture by erinrb4    IMG_9300.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9693.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9638.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9585.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9564.jpg picture by erinrb4Untitled-5.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9632.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9748bw.jpg picture by erinrb4Untitled-1-21.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9789.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9704.jpg picture by erinrb4 Untitled-25.jpg picture by erinrb4Untitled-192.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9857-1.jpg picture by erinrb4

Studio Photography: Jordan

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Jordan’s first photo shoot! Another handsome blue eyed boy!

IMG_0081.jpg picture by erinrb4Untitled-1-20.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_0123.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_0147-1.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_0184.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_0178.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_0183.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_0206c.jpg picture by erinrb4

Newborn Photography: Mason

Friday, March 5th, 2010


IMG_9953.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9992-1.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9933.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9968.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_9931.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_0020.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_0015.jpg picture by erinrb4