Engaged: Tracy and Jon

Last minute super quick E-Session with some really great friends.  Tracy and Jon are getting married this weekend!! I actually don’t have to work this wedding, I get to be in the wedding!   I am so excited to celebrate with them! I have known Tracy since pre school so this is an extra special day!

  Can’t wait till Saturday guys!

IMG_1373.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_1354.jpgUntitled-1-32.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_1361-1.jpg picture by erinrb4Untitled-3-4.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_1355-1.jpg picture by erinrb4

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  1. Melissa says:

    I love these pictures Erin!!
    I cant wait for this weekend. Congratulations Tracy and Jon!

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