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Class of ’08: Sarah

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Met Sarah a few days ago.  She wanted to sneak in a last minute senior photo shoot before she leaves for boot camp on Monday.  Yes, this girl joined the Navy!  Anyway…. Sarah, good luck with everything.  I wanted to get this preview up before you left so you could have a sneak peak!

IMG_0006.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_9994-1-1-1-1.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_9983.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_0076.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_9985.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_9989.jpg picture by erinrb4

IMG_0022.jpg picture by erinrb4


Jamie and Todd

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Met with Jamie and Todd in Carmel a few weeks back.  We had so much fun!  These two are always laughing!  Their energy and comfort level made this session as easy as it can possibly be.  Jamie and Todd, finally, here is a preview!  I love these shots.  Can’t wait for the wedding next month.

Marikah and Marc

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Marikah and Marc were married at the beauiful St. Therese in Fresno.  Tracy and I had smiles on our faces the whole time because we new we had some fantastic shots.  It didn’t hurt that they are so grrrreat looking!   I have only gone through a few pics and still had a hard time posting just a few favorites.  So here are more than a few.