Married: Katy & Rick

I just love these two peeps! This entire group was so much fun to work with. The whole day was perfect!

Ceremony and Reception site:  Portuguese Hall, Hollister, CA

Dress:  Mafalda’s, Gilroy, CA

Hair/Makeup: Sam Hindman

Cake:  Elegant Touch

Flowers:  John and Karrie Bagnell

DJ:  Eric Marquez

IMG_5467-1.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5163.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5216.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5091-1.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5029.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_4953.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5057.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5198.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5469.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5552-1.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5585.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5540.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5559.jpg picture by erinrb4Untitled-1-5.jpg picture by erinrb4IMG_5753.jpg picture by erinrb4

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  1. Katy says:

    Oh My!!! They are beautiful!!! Thank you for the wonderful work and it was so much fun. You are amazing. Oh and I love them!!!

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